This is an invitation to dive deeper with yourself to become a strong performer and leader you were meant to be

Let me introduce..


alyssa speckhals, football

“Before I started working with Saana, football was overwhelming for me. Being new to the sport and already successful, I felt pressure to be perfect every rep. And when I would execute, it still wasn’t enough.

Things changed when Saana helped me peel away those layers to uncover why I put this pressure on myself – why I would get so upset with even just one mistake. She helped me find the joy of competing in a new sport after having so much success in volleyball.

I’ve gained so much confidence working with Saana and through this course. I feel like I can step on any field, against any player and ball out. I’ve learned to play fearless and, with that, came all the accolades that I never expected.”


anonymous, volleyball

"So many things have changed for the better with the next level athlete course – I no longer feel like I am lacking something. I trust myself a lot more to do a good job, and mistakes don’t mean that I am a worthless human.

I can play with so much more freedom as I am not judgmental anymore which helps me reach a more natural and fearless state on court. I can enjoy the sport again!

I also value myself and my hard work more – I can see that I am already successful, even tho I am not “world class” as my perfectionist mind wanted me to be.”


karl andersson, handball

“With the help of Saana, I managed to get out of the hole that I was stuck in due to my overthinking and perfectionism.

Now I feel like I can relax and just let the body take over when I play! I don’t need to think all the time and I can just let the body do the work. also my perfectionism is at a healthy level right now. I trust myself much more than before and I can finally just focus on the present moment and execute. Thank you Saana!”

Do you feel the same way?

You have high expectations for yourself but they are sometimes also making you feel miserable, you often lose the momentum and/or confidence in your performance because of your thoughts. 

You already have great skills but you wish to bring them to the surface more often so you could bring out the best out of yourself and show up as a leader. 

But the results and where you are right now in your career isn't quite what you hoped for… You spend so much time training and working but you often feel overwhelmed and as if some piece is missing. 

Shouldn't this be more enjoyable? Where is the bigger success? Should I really sacrifice so much for this? How much longer do I keep trying if I don't enjoy this more? 

This course is only available for a limited time: spring 2023

Special spring offer


one time offer for spring 2023!

12 weeks of videos + 1:1 calls weekly to dive deeper in the topic


Phase 1 - Awareness of your own power, mind & emotions so you can build CONFIDENCE right away

  • Week 1 - Kick off week - getting to know each other and deciding the focus point(s)
  • Week 2 & 3 - Recoding the thoughts about yourself - Who are you outside of your performance?
  • Week 3 & 4 - Recoding your dreams and vision to be fully aligned with who you are so you want to be all-in

Phase 2 : Recognize and release the chains to get CLARITY AND BREAKTHROUGHS

  • Week 5 & 6 - Recoding your current roadblocks into steps and goals - especially limiting beliefs
  • Week 7 - Clarity: Recoding overwhelm into clarity so you know the most important action to take
  • Week 8 & 9 - Recoding your confidence so it stems from who you are, not what you do
  • Week 10 - Recoding what consistency means - my secret sauce that keeps you happy also when you are performing under your normal level

Phase 3: Express yourself more often and in all areas of life so you can SUCCEED

  • Week 11 - Recoding Peak Performance & Optimal Performance - knowing the difference between these and how you can achieve both
  • Week 12 - Recoding crisis situations and developing a manual to overcome them faster
  • Week 13: Your own roadmap and toolbox for challenges and patterns so you can fly on your own now <3

Let’s get real for a second, friend


Do you find yourself constantly rummaging through others’ results etc. wondering what their secret is to getting so much attention and success? 

Have you ever felt like your presence isn’t standing out in the crowd no matter how hard you try, but you know there must be a way to punch through the noise? Because some people can do that, right? But why not you?

Maybe the contracts and dollars have increased throughout the years but you don't still feel like you are at a level you know you could be if you could perform at your highest level more often?

Do you have hard time finding the time to stop and invite mindfulness into your life because you feel like you gotta do more just to keep up with the level you are now? Let alone get into the next level…

Maybe you have been told that you need to change towards something that doesn't feel authentic to you and it weighs you down because you feel like you can't be yourself to succeed?


Which is why I spent years experimenting, tweaking, testing, and trying method after method until I finally distilled this strategy down to a concrete process. And for the first time ever, I’m sharing my renewed and evolved step-by-step approach with you in Next Level Achiever: outlining exactly how to make yourself the best success story of your life through becoming more like you in this highly competitive world, not less. 

After this

a Foundation to build upon

You’ll have the insight you need to become the authentic, powerful, soughtafter leader in your position. Your clear understanding of yourself gave you the keys to build a life that you want

Confidence to pursue excellence

Self-doubt will evaporate as you continue to practice the methods. This spark we’ve ignited inside you will grow stronger and push all the limits also after this program because once you open this door, you can't close it…

Skills to elevate yourself and others

Your thirst for improvement will be used in the very best way, now as a fuel for supporting you and others instead of creating all the stress and worry it used to create. You can continue to expand your talent feeling strong and limitless.

my 1:1 client spots have been sold out in the spring and summer of 2022 - now is your chance to see why! 

That feeling of being drawn to compete at your highest level —
that’s called intuition.
You deserve to follow it.

what else is inside the next level achiever program?

You can let your thoughts steer you in any which way, or you can grab the reigns, gain more control, and create a life with unseen success for yourself!


Guidance for meditation that fits with who you are intended to center your energy, allowing you to be present in your visualizations and in your performance


A powerful vision exercise to guide you into defining and detailing the exact life you will create launching you forward with clarity 


Small journaling prompts designed to ease you into seeing your abilities and becoming more powerful as a thinker, a “feeler” - and then as a "doer"


A must-have checklist for you about how to create an environment and network around you that will fuel your mindset and support your growth


Daily mini-tasks to keep you accountable for actually creating the new, more powerful and better-for-you beliefs you are establishing during the 3 months


Ways to use breathwork as a practice that can energize, calm, add resiliency or clarity, or help you break through old patterns depending on what you need in each month


Throughout my career as a professional volleyball player, I was strugging with the feelings of being an underdog, held back by perfectionism, and the thought that my sensitivity was a weakness to hide. After I shifted my beliefs about those things, I succeeded like never before!! It was like magic! Even my eating problems faded away.

But! My work is not only a narration of my own life journey, but a culmination of 3 years of 1:1 mindset coaching and lifelong learning about values, human behavior, psychology, beliefs, NLP, breathwork, mindfulness and so on.

My desire to help others see their honest authentic ability and express themselves while competing at the highest level has brought me feelings of such grand fulfillment. I am thrilled to share my insights and help you conquer your own mountain! I give you the tools and support, you take the steps. And we'll celebrate each step until we get to the peak! :)



All of the course Next Level Achiever course material ($697) and access to the course content for the rest of your life!


Sports/Leader Capacity Assessment WITH 1:1 debriefing session ($247)


3 x LIVE 1:1 private breathwork journeys with intention ($597)


24/7 support via WhatsApp (997€/month) for 3 months! ($2991) - if you have a question or want to talk about something that came up now, you have access to me and I'll answer within 24h! This is priceless and the most valued feature of my 1:1 program! 


Weekly 1:1 calls with me $97 x 12 ($1164) - people say the course content is excellent but the calls are irreplaceable. I agree 😉


How to make more money as an athlete ultimate guide with 3 x expert interviews ($97)


Confidence Class online recording ($47)


Next Level Achiever PDF workbook  ($27)

So that's $5867



expert bonuses: 


Manage stress better - guide by Marina Kirik from Sum of All Positive (47€)

Meditation guide by a former NFL player, now a mindset coach, Jelani Jenkins (27€)

11 ways to get an edge - book by professional volleyball player, Cody Kessel (27€)

Learn to Win interview with a professional volleyball coach and doctor of philosophy Alessandro Lodi (37€)

Introduction to Breathwork online lesson by Matthew Chavez (SOMA certified breathwork instructor) (100€)

Breathwork recording for faster recovery by Matthew Chavez ($100)

And all the future expert resources I am adding to the portal! 🤩 

all of that would normally be $6205.. 


but not today… 

Ready to level up your life?


Normally $6305 


"We strengthened my self-confidence and worked on the limiting thought I had about being and doing things alone. I feel very strong right now because I know what I am aiming towards and how I can get there, with the qualities I already have! My self-confidence has grown so much throughout this course also outside of sports and I am a lot tougher mentally than ever before.

Tiia heikkinen, volleyball

you also have a money back guarantee if you are not happy! not that you would need it, but for your peace of mind.. If you are not happy and I can't find ways to help you, i will refund your investment!

A luxury program 


at a fraction of the cost

You can bop on over to your local sports psychologist etc. and prepare to pay at least $70/h but usually see them once a month. The problems however that we face do not come up monthly but weekly or daily. 

The beliefs we need to change require mini-actions on a daily and weekly basis. Talking about my challenges once a month was never enough to truly change my beliefs and therefore my behavior - it helped but I also would have given almost everything to have someone in my corner after games, the highs and lows of my normal life where my (limiting) beliefs pop up and drive my life.

Second big thing about change for me was to not only talk about it but find ways to release the stuff that was keeping me stuck. Breathwork was the game changer for me so I got myself certified so I can now help you at a deeper level through breathwork! I am thrilled about this! And I know you will be too once you give it a try. 

So the investment you see here… It is about you. Do you want to invest in your future? Do you want to make the dream to come true? Can you afford NOT to do this work if you want to get to the next level?

I also want to ask you, what would it be worth to you, if you could show up in your life as the leader you wish you would have had? Have confidence in yourself, feel strong but also joyful and free? Because you know you are living a life that has a purpose and the actions you are taking, are taking you where you want to be and who you want to become?

Time to decide

Invest in yourself and in your dreams - I have never regretted my investments into becoming better.. That money comes back.

If you have any doubts, concerns, questions, shoot them over to - I am more than happy to have a call with you! Also, if you would rather have a payment plan, that is always an option with me - just let me know!

Imagine where you could be in 3 months if you'd crush it for the next 3 months? If you haven't been completely happy with how this year 2023 has gone for you yet, let's change it now! Don't just lose any more time because time is something we cannot get back… 

So now, repeat after me: 

Repeat after me

I am amazing. 

I deserve this…

Let's do it!